Translating Efficacy Across Species

EicOsis Compounds Relieve Natural Causes of Pain and Inflammation in Companion Animals and Horses

Available options for pain relief for animals are even more limited than for humans, and many common painkillers are not well tolerated by animals. At EicOsis we have been working for more than a decade to provide hope to animals in pain and their human caregivers.

EicOsis soluble epoxide hydrolase (sEH) inhibitors can relieve pain and inflammation in naturally occurring diseases in animals, including osteoarthritis in dogs and laminitis in horses. This clinical evidence of efficacy support translation of sEH inhibitors for treatment of pain and inflammation in humans.

Efficacy in Animal Pain and Inflammation Supports Translation to Humans

Shows how sEH inhibitors have shown efficacy in animal models, supporting translation to human pain and inflammation
EicOsis is planning clinical trials of EC5026 in pain patients starting as early as 2021

EC1728 relieves pain in companion animals including horses.

EC1728 is a soluble Epoxide Hydrolase (sEH) inhibitor developed for use in companion animals to relieve pain. Results show that EC1728 is safe and efficacious in dogs with arthritis. Studies in horses with chronic pain show EC1728 relieves chronic pain resulting from laminitis. Horses with laminitis, a disease that is estimated to be up to 70% fatal in severe cases, suffer from severe inflammation of the hoof that leads to intense pain, tissue destruction, and severe hypertension. Initial studies with EC1728 show that it is safe and efficacious in horses.

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