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Addressing the Unmet Need for Novel Safe and Effective Pain Therapies

EicOsis is poised to meet an urgent medical need for effective analgesics for pain. Pain can have a devastating impact on someone’s personal and professional life, their quality of life and their emotional and social health. Currently available therapies are often not effective and have common and sometimes serious side effects that limit their use. EicOsis aims to provide a new effective oral analgesic solution for pain management without the side effects of standard pain therapies and without addiction potential. Our lead drug candidate EC5026 is currently undergoing Phase 1 clinical trials. Contact us for more information and to learn more about what’s going on at EicOsis.

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EicOsis receives investments and grants to support advancing our lead candidate pain drug to the clinic

EicOsis is a privately held company developing a first-in-class therapy for neuropathic and inflammatory pain in humans and companion animals. The technology for the lead compounds was developed largely at the University of California, Davis by EicOsis CEO and UC Professor, Dr. Bruce Hammock, and licensed exclusively to EicOsis. EicOsis has received several competitive grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including an NIH SBIR Blueprint Development Grant and a $15MM NIDA Grant to cover development costs through Phase 1b Clinical Trials. An additional $5MM in Venture Philanthropy was also raised.

EicOsis’s Innovative Approach has been Recognized by Prestigious Awards

EicOsis LLC was recently named “Innovator of the Year” in the Sacramento region. Read more